Nicaragua: Local Democracy Network believes that consultation was a pose
Managua, Nicaragua

By Leonor Alvarez | Policy

The coordinator of the Nicaraguan Network for Democracy and Local Development, William Incer announced that this organization which specializes in municipal issues, presented yesterday its proposal to the Bill on Amendments to the Municipalities Act, Act 40, hoping that its suggestions would be taken into account, because last May 5 they received the invitation to participate in the consultation process for reform.

However, after observing that the increment  in the number of councilors and was made law by the Electoral Law, have had no more to believe that these consultations are being made only "to fulfill a requirement," but will not really be taken into account.

The proposal of the Network was developed in 10 days, after a process of analysis with mayors, partner organizations and specialists in municipal and local development.

However, Maria Luisa Delgado Babini, member of the Local Network, believes that they needed at least a month to include a wage economic proposal, which would have involved further study.

To save the "face"

In that sense, Babini you think this consultation process is done to "cover certain appearances or requirements."

"They are asking for a proposal or our views on proportionality (of the council) when it has already been approved two days ago. We do not understand, if there really is a will. We hope so." said Babini Delgado.

However, members of the Local Network still hope that at least part of its proposals are taken into account. With the consultation to the Local Network the process was closed and this morning the Reform may be approved, said Babini.

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