Ghana Embarks On Social Accountability for Districts

27 February 2012

By Ayuureyisiya Kapini Atafori,

The Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) is embarking on a national project to promote social accountability through active citizens? participation in local government in order to enhance participatory democracy and improve transparency in the governance system of the district assemblies.

The three-year social accountability project, which also aims to reduce the citizenry's apathy in local governance, will be undertaken in 17 selected districts, with each region of Ghana hosting it, and the remaining seven chosen based on merit and fairness.

The project is supported by the European Union (EU) with a grant of 482,265 Euros under the EU's "Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development Actions in Ghana" programme. The project was launched in Accra.

The project is linked to the EU's support to the implementation of decentralisation action plan in the country. In this connection, a social accountability platform will be set up to be facilitated by the Institute for Local Government Studies. The platform will promote the harmonisation and monitoring of performance and service delivery at the district level by communities and civil society organisations.

A ten-member Project Advisory Committee (PAC), headed by Nii Dodoo Nsaki II, Otublohum Mantse, was inaugurated to steer and guide the implementation of the project to a successful conclusion. Members of the PAC are drawn from the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Ghana Federation of the Disabled, the youth, a women's organisation and the media.

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